Difficulty of Introducing My Ideas, The

Introducing these ideas to the world is not an easy task, for the world like the sick cannot understand. For if they could, then there would not be any call for some other mode of reasoning. But the world, like a sick man, is in trouble and does not know how to free itself from the fetters that bind it. It is easy to take one individual case and apply the theory, but to take the world and give the causes and symptoms is not so easy a task. The world, like the sick, have no idea that what is said and believed in has anything to do with their sickness, when all our troubles or nearly so are from our belief, directly or indirectly. Therefore, I have to take the world as a patient and show that the causes of man's trouble arise from his beliefs and these make him sick. Now the sickness is not the belief, but the belief is the cause directly or indirectly. So to cure, I have to destroy the belief and then the sickness will cease. Then the question will be asked what is a belief?