Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

[Originally untitled.]

How often we hear this remark: “I never believe anything till I understand it.” There is more truth than poetry in this remark, for a belief is not wisdom. It may be knowledge, but if it is, it is of this world and not of science, for true science does not admit a belief, as that admits a doubt. Now where does the author of this remark stand, in regard to wisdom or science? Does the remark show any wisdom superior to that of the community? Jesus answered this question himself as a man and showed the people the difference between a belief, or the wisdom of this world and wisdom of God or Science. When asked a question said, I, that is Christ, judge no man, for science or wisdom is the standard, but again he said, if I, the man Jesus, judge, his judgment was not good, for it is of this world. If it is true, or of the scientific world, it is not judgment but wisdom, therefore all judgment is submitted to science where everyone's opinion receives its reward, whether it be of good or evil. Therefore, call no man master, but one, and that is Science, and by this must all things be proved. The wisdom of this world is made up of opinions and decided by evidences, not by truth, for if truth decided, there would be no need of a judge, for the judge is in the science or truth.

July 1860