Concerning Revolutions and Rebellions

Freedom is the child of science; error or aristocracy is its opponent and is the casket or earth which holds the child till it is able to take care of itself. Man as a nation has both these principles, freedom and aristocracy. The working of error to keep freedom bound creates revolution. These revolutions must take place and will, till error is destroyed.

There is a species of rebellion that is a sin against the Holy Ghost or Science. It has been said that revolutions never go backwards, but revolution is only another name for a rebellion to destroy some error. It is true that rebellion is the natural working of the mind and is in some cases right. Rebellions that go backward are evils for they not only destroy themselves but they do much damage to society, but still they work out a greater truth.

Probably the rebellion in this country is the first one started for enslaving liberty and freedom. All other rebellions have been to free man from oppression and improve his condition. The Revolutionary War was to free us from the oppressive yoke of Great Britain, and after we had achieved our freedom, we still had the elements of oppression or slavery in us. And although we formed a constitution, based on the principle of self-government, yet there was an element in it that would not agree to this. It was a government admitting the right of revolution. Those revolutions which expand the areas of freedom are the natural workings of mind.

Revolutions in religion have always been taking place, but you will find that the liberal principles of freedom get the mastery over the aristocracy of slavery. It is the same with the medical; there is also a revolution, and freedom has not got its just due yet. The medical faculty holds its iron grasp on the people from which they cannot escape. The sins for the nation are like individual sins. Slavery is the effect of man's belief and the belief was fastened on us by our fathers.

We do not believe in the old Mosaic priesthood that sin is of divine origin, nor that our parents, having eaten of sour grapes, the teeth of the children will be set on edge, but that everyone must answer for his own sins. And if we sin against God or Truth, we must pay the penalty. The United States Government is not a thing you can take in your hand, but like Science is a principle that is implanted in the heart of every man. And if its presence is not felt, it is because it has been kept down by the error of slavery or aristocracy. So revolutions must take place till everyone feels that he is a part of the government and constitution, and if he has not this feeling, he is a stranger in his own land.

The revolutions of progression which are dictated by wisdom never made war to oppress but to liberate. Rebellion is to rebel against freedom in support of slavery, and all the states which are in rebellion have lost all rights under the constitution and have no claims to state rights which they had at the formation of the government. And a revolution of opinion and gunpowder must take place in order to destroy this right in the states. For the states are all combined to make the government and this union was sanctioned by God or Wisdom. Then the people bowed in subjugation to the will of the majority. Yet the right of states was acknowledged. But when some of the states seceded against the will of the majority, then this error was cast out, never to be reinstated.

The difference between rebellions and revolutions is this. Revolution is headed by the liberty party of all the world. Rebellion is got up by the aristocracy for their benefit and the enslavement of the many. Now the idea that a revolution and a rebellion depend on circumstances to change the name is wrong. But as all governments are founded on revolutions, the idea of revolution was right to a certain extent; but when a government is formed on the popular voice of the people, that is the answer to all the questions of self-government. For if a government cannot stand against a rebellion, waged against liberty, it clearly shows that the time for revolutions to cease has not arrived. But when all will admit that the people themselves are the government and to destroy the voice of the people is to destroy the government, then any act perpetrated against the liberties of the people must necessarily come under the head of rebellion; for the change must bring anarchy, aristocracy and despotism.

It must be admitted that our government is intended to be the voice of the people. It is perfection, as far as man's wisdom goes, and therefore to destroy it is wrong. The South, having destroyed their claims to the right of self-government, cannot destroy what they gave to make up the Constitution of the United States. By rebellion they gain nothing but lose everything. They lose the privilege of state rights and they guarantee to the Union the right to govern all the states, subject to the laws delegated to them, and to oppose them was rebellion against their own state. And thus, as a House divided against itself, they could not stand. Now they, having lost their state rights, it does not carry the state out of the union, for the state belongs to the will of the loyal men in it. And if there are enough loyal men left in the state to form a constitution, leaving out state rights, then the state is at harmony with itself. And no rebellion would have taken place in the United States, but in the state laws, which can always revolutionize for the better. But to rebel against itself is suicide to all concerned, and they lose all claims to self-government and must be treated as rebels or aliens and have no voice in the state till they are restored to their rights through a proper course of law.