Christian Religion Reduced to a Science, The

What is Dr. Quimby's theory? It is reducing the Christian Religion to a Science so that it can be applied to ourselves and others for the happiness and knowledge of mankind. By his theory we correct our errors which ignorance and superstition have bequeathed to us. It separates us from the phenomenon and makes man look for science or the cause outside of the phenomenon. Ignorance directs us to look for the cause inside the phenomenon. Now all mankind think and act upon these two theories. This is the field where all the battle must be fought.

The sun is the representative of true science, and the moon, of darkness and error, and everyone has these two lights in his mind and his mind is the field. Joshua is the representative of the law or science. His standard was truth. His opponents are represented by the five kings. Their standard was error. Now as truth goes forth in the mind to make war against error, when they meet, the armies stop while the leaders parley. Science shows itself to error as Joshua showed himself to the Amorites. The sensation of truth and error throws error in confusion and truth commands the two powers to stand still and they obey. The theories or kings flee, truth takes the field and the people rejoice.