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June 1996

Theme: Divine Connections

Mostly articles:

"Better Living Through Better Communication" by Deborah G. Whitehouse
"Dreams: Messengers From Within" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Listening With Another Ear" by Marijoyce Porcelli
"The Frequency of a Miracle" by Susan Norberg
"Speaking the Universal Language of Encouragement" by Victor M. Parachin
"Speak Up!" a poem by R. H. Grenville
The following three articles are grouped under the heading "SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS FROM THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY":
"Are We Ready for Electronic Communities?" by Carolyn R. Shaffer and Kristin Anundsen"
"The Internet: Unfolding Global Consciousness" by Wayne Manning
"Surfing the 'Innernet'" by Margot Curtis
"Listening of a Special Kind" by H. Woody Bailey

Book reviews by Eleanor K. Sommer:
Earth Literacy: A Letterto Al by McGregor Smith
Growing Season: A Healing Journey into the Heart of Nature by Arlene Bernstein

May 1996

Theme: Wherever You Are, God Is

Mostly articles:

"A Story of Guidance in Tough Times" by Monty Joynes
"Unblocking the Pathway to Spiritual Guidance" by Sonia Choquette
"Guidance on the Go" by Jonathan Robinson
"Inner Journey" a poem by Donna Miesbach
"I Accept, Thank You, God" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Counterpoint" a poem by Irma Harrison
"The Gift of a Child" by Laura-Lynn Powell
"Patterns of Spiritual Guidance" by Barbara Bergen
"Transforming Your God-Box" by Leo Booth
"My Shell" a poem by Lexie L. Fox

Book reviews by Eleanor K. Sommer:
The Recollected Heart: A Monastic Retreat by Philip Zaleski
Tending the Soul by Macrina Wiederkehr
Retreat: Time Apart for Silence & Solitude by Roger Housden
Abide in Love by Ernesto Cardenal

April 1996

Theme: Wherever You Are, God Is

Mostly articles:

"God: Personal, Eternal, and New" by Deborah G. Whitehouse
"Discovering the God-Box" by Leo Booth
"There Is No Place Where God Is Not" by Gregory Barrette
"Defining the Indefinable" by Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla
"A Meditation" a poem by Harry Draper
"Unity" a poem by J. Sig Paulson
"The Prayer of Faith" a poem by Hannah More Kohaus
"The Sacredness of Creation" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Hidden Springs" a poem by R. H. Grenville
"What a Prayer!" by Joanne Blum
"Life's Mystery: It's Awesome!" by Dale Steinacker
"Love Principles" by Margaret Pounders
"A Gift I Can Never Lose" by Nancy Eastridge

Book review by Eleanor K. Sommer:

Toward a Meaningful Life: The Wisdom of the Rebbe, adapted by Simon Jacobson.

March 1996

Theme: In Praise of Simplicity

Mostly articles:

"Healing the Hasty Life" by Susan Smith Jones
"The Power of Creative Frugality" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin
"Lent Is for Celebrating" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Wouldn't Life Be Grand" a poem by Susan Gronniger
"Talents & Gifts" a poem by Janet Mandell
"The Quest for Order and Simplicity" by Sue Bender
"The View From Here" a poem by Jean S. Platt
"Aging: A Loving Look Makes the Difference" by Kenneth L. Gibble
"Free to Live With Spirit!" by Carol A. Karpeck
"The Magic of a Willing Attitude" by Barbara Bergen
"This Moment Is Fireproof" by Ronna Kabatznick

Book reviews by Eleanor K. Sommer:

Run to the Mountain: The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume One 1939-1941, edited by Patrick Hart
A Simple Path by Mother Teresa

February 1996

Mostly articles: "Take Another Look at Your Hands" by Wayne Manning
"A Pathway to Holy Relationships" by Joan M. Gattuso
"When Love Becomes Action" by Barbara Bergen
"Divine Deeds" by Victor M. Parachin
"Complement" a poem by Cheryl Baker
"How Wonderful Teamwork Can Be" by Susan Stephan
"The Snowfall" a poem by Marilyn Olson
"We Are Many, Can We Be One?" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Atoms" a poem by Lois Leurgans
"Restoring a Broken Spirit" by Christine Smith

Book review by Eleanor K. Sommer:

Put Your Heart on Paper: Staying Connected in a Loose Ends World by Henriette Anne Klauser

January 1996

Mostly articles:

"How to Stop Putting New Wine Into Old Wineskins" by Wayne Manning
"Backyard Wisdom" by Christopher Ian Chenoweth
"Drink Deeply of the Here and Now" by Timothy Miller
"Acres of Diamonds" by Russell H. Conwell
"Inner Journey" a poem by Barbara Bergen
"Abundance That Is Already Ours" by Mary Knight
"Taking Time for the Sabbath" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"The Written Guarantee" by Charles A. Neal
"Outmaneuvering the False Prophets" by Dalton Roberts
"A Gift From a Friend" by Dawn Elise Evans

Book reviews by Eleanor K. Sommer:
A Handbook for Constructive Living by David K. Reynolds
E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution by Zoev Jho

December 1995

Mostly articles:

"Our Tree of Life" by Shirley Cupp Thompson
"Accepting the Gift of the Christ Presence" by Theresa Magness
"Spirit Speaks" a poem by Jane Priest
"Enough Light" a poem by Abby Flesch Connors
"Christ of the Manger" a poem by Marilyn Rieger
"Picking Up and Laying Down Crutches" by Donna Schaper
"Learning Is Not Just for Kids" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"How to Create Gifts of the Heart" by Betsy Stabler Shanteau
"Words of Forgiveness" by Joyce Vath
"Understanding" by Peace Pilgrim II

Book reviews (very brief) by Eleanor K. Sommer:

The Valkyries: An Encounter With Angels by Paulo Coelho
Wrestling With the Prophets by Matthew Fox
Finding God in Unexpected Places by Philip Yancy
The Miracle of Prayer by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
A Prayer for Children by Ina Hughs
The Golden Goose King: A Tale Told by the Buddha by Judith Ernst
The Why of Life: Answers Beyond Organized Religion by James Muth
The Beginnings of Wisdom" by Thomas Becknell and Mary Ellen Ashcroft
Find a Quiet Corner: A Simple Guide to Self-Peace no author given

November 1995

Mostly articles:

"Principle-Centered Living" by Stephen R. Covey and A. Roger and Rebecca R. Merrill
"Getting Abundance Flowing in Your Life" by Dawn Elise Evans
"An Unexpected Lesson in Abundance" by Barbara Bergen
"Life-Saving Words of Encouragement" by Judith B. Johnson
"Combining Vision With Action Makes a Dream Come True" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Courageous Leadership, Courageous Living" by Keshavan Nair
"Word Power," a poem by Viola B. Kallweit
"The Recovery of the Sacred" (Part 2) by Rachel Naomi Remen
"Call Me Chicken" by L. Joseph Tauer
"What Am I Worth?" by David C. Korten

Book reviews by Eleanor K. Sommer:

Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle and The Trick to Money is Having Some! both by Stuart Wilde

October 1995

Mostly articles:

"The Recovery of the Sacred" (Part 1) by Rachel Naomi Remen
"Hildegarde's Miracle" by Dore Jacques Patlian
"The Miracle of Healing" by Barbara Bergen
"God's Healing Touch," a poem, by Barbara Bergen
"Discover the Power of 'No'" by Bill Worth
""Journal Work: Self-Discovery & Healing" by Bernadette P. Swanson
"Spontaneous Healing and the Power of Belief" by Andrew Weil
"Introductions," a poem by Bernie Siegel
"When there is nothing We Can Do" by Gabrielle Thompson
"Welcome to Cleveland" by Joan Borysenko and Miroslav Borysenko

Book reviews by Eleanor K. Sommer:
Ishmael and Providence both by Daniel Quinn

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