Affirmative prayer: For more than a century, New Thought has emphasized affirmative prayer, referred to by such names as scientific prayer, treatment, and (especially in Religious Science) as spiritual mind treatment. In each of the variations of this prayer, one aims to practice the presence of God as all good, rather than to implore God to answer some request. See brief writings by Ernest Holmes and others from Science of Mind magazine, as well as Frequently Asked Questions about Religious Science, and Practitioners and the Ministry of Prayer of the National Science of Mind Center in Falls Church, VA.

New Thought Prayer Ministries: Ideally, one's own awareness of the loving, all-providing presence of God is sufficient, but many people find the assistance of other people to be helpful. Any New Thought church or center can give such help, but there are groups of people praying for others 24 hours a day at two outstanding prayer ministries. They are Silent Unity, of Unity School of Christianity, at (816) 246-5400 or, only from the U.S.A., (800) 669-7729, and World Ministry of Prayer of the United Church of Religious Science, at (213) 385-0209 or (800) 421-9600. Both 800 numbers are for people who are without funds to pay for calls.

Allied with Silent Unity is an important new World Prayer Network of The Best is Yet to Be television outreach of : Christ Unity Church of Sacramento, California.

In the May 1997 Unity Magazine, pp. 57-58, Silent Unity directors, at that time, Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla say:

At our current growth rate, Silent Unity is doubling every six years! We are presently receiving over 3,000 telephone calls and about 3,000 letters each day asking for prayer. . . . Over two million prayer requests each year cover the entire range of human emotions and desires.

In Silent Unity, we never counsel or give advice, but we always meet people where they are as we pray with them, helping them to feel the peace of God and the presence of God in the midst of their situations. We believe this is the most effective way we can help them. In doing this, however, it is imperative that we remain mindful that we are not "intercessors" between the person calling or writing and God. We continually remind ourselves that it is not our prayers that make the difference, that God is in charge and that we are acting merely as channels through which God can work. In fact, there is an expression we use in the Telephone Prayer Ministry if a particularly difficult call comes in and we begin feeling responsible for a good outcome: "God answers prayer, I answer the phone."

Our work in Silent Unity is so much more than simply answering a phone or a letter. What we do is clearly and unwaveringly acknowledge the presence of God in the person calling or writing, and, through our prayers, we help that person discover the presence of God in himself or herself. This unequivocal act of faith on our part allows the person more easily to experience God in all of life and to know that there is a divine plan at work.

For the Worldwide Healing Ministry of God Unlimited/University of Healing, call 1(888)254-8793.

For a Process New Thought understanding of what happens when there is such steadfast faith cooperating with God, so as to facilitate acceptance of the divine plan given anew in each moment, click here.

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