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Autumn 2000

Feature Articles:

85th Annual INTA Congress

Photos by Carl Erickson

"View Beyone the Horizon" by Arthur Chang

Ministry, Electronically Speaking by Larry Swartz

"Fifty Years Behind Us, All of God Before Us" (Treasures from the Archives) by Raymond Charles Barker, from Autumn 1949 issue

"Following the Yellow Brick Road: A Search for Wisdom in the Land of OZ" by Thomas J. Hoffman

"Magnifying Your Success" by Larry Barber

"Harmony of Mind" by P. Joanna Rogers

"Paths to Wisdom" by Mark Damitz

"Building good Mental Health" by Mitchell E. Gibson


Ponderings...A Visit With Catherine Ponder By Catherine Ponder

New Thought on the Internet #7 by Noel F. McInnis



President's Message

CEO Report

Personal Prayers and Treatments


Committee Reports, SSMR, ESAC, and Archives


Spring 1999 feature articles:

"What We Can Clearly Imagine and Believe, We Can Experience" by Roy Eugene Davis
"Traveling in Sacred Circles" by Paul A. Laughlin
"Lifting Thought Into Higher Concepts" by Nina Russell
"Stop Whining, Start Winning" by Arthur W. Chang
"An Animal Story and a Loving Universe" by Larry Swarthz
"The Visible and Invisible Alliance" by Harry Granison Hill, INTA President 1927
"Bridging the Abyss" by Marilyne H. Pritchard
"After All These Years, The DeVorss Story" by DeVorss & Company
"A Guide to New Thought on the Internet" by Noel F. McInnis
"Changing Lives, Then and Now" by Delia Sellers
"Sacred Roots Feed a Radiant Future: New Perspectives on the Millenium" by Lary Barber
"A Baker's Dozen Truths and Contrasting Interpretations of Them" by Alan Anderson

Autumn 1997, in addition to some monthly features:

"Faith, A Meeting of Minds, Thoughts" by James Davis
"Twoness is for Sandwiches" by Harry Morgan Moses
"Jesus and Buddha, the Perfect Duo" by Mary Beth Olson
"The Yoga of Jesus" by Paul L. Laughlin
"You Cannot Avoid" by Tom Johnson
"New Thought in South Africa" by Marietjie Venter
"Priority on Youth": Interview with Inuka Mwanguzi by Robert Winterhalter
"The Spiritual Law of Non-Resistance" by Robert A. Wasner
"Spiritual Living for Busy People" by Donald Curtis
CEO Report by Mimi Ronnie
Treasurer Report by Charles Throckmorton
Director of District Presidents Report by Marge Coleman

Some earlier issues:

Spring 1966

"A Truth to Live By" by Mary Beth Olson
"Your God or Mine?" by Susan Theilig
"Defining New Thought in an Old Thought World" by Kathy Gottberg
"Enhance Your Life Through Focused Relaxation" by Susan Smith Jones
"Love From the Pekin Division of the Agape Family" by Willia Allen
"The New Thought Connection" by Graeme W. Johnson
"Free to Live With Spirit" by Carol Karpeck
"Agreement With The Universe" by W. D. Sharer and Juanella Evans
"Reconciliation" by Walter Starcke
"What is God?" by Betty Bolles
"The Immeasurable" by Gay Burk
"The Next Step for Positive Living" by John Meluso and Joseph Bernard
"Creating Memories" by Pat Cross

Book reviews:

Dare to be Yourself by Alan Cohen
Staying on the Path by Wayne W. Dyer
On Wings of Self-Esteem by Louise Hart
God Wants You to be Rich by Paul Zane Pilzer, reviewed by Deb Whitehouse
It Must Have Been a Miracle by Kelsey Tyler
My Priceless Prayerbook: New Thought Edition: A Childhood Keepsake of Building Blocks to Faith, Values and Self-Esteem by Steve Viglione
The Way of the Circle by James Vollbracht, Illustrated by Christ Foleen

Winter 1996, in addition to monthly features:

"Using Crises as a Catalyst for Transformation" by Michael Beckwith
"Unleash The Chains That Bind You" by Nancy Norman
"Dealing With Life's Lessons" by Virginia Foster and Arthur Hammons
"Prayer: A Natural Instinct" by Frances B. Lancaster
"Healing Your Aloneness" by Margaret Paul
"A Cyberchallenge-Opportunity for New Thought" by Alan Anderson
"What of Santa Claus?" by Charles Neal
"The Hidden Years" by Mary Beth Olson
"Science of Mind a New Thought" by Arthur Chang
"Can You Negotiate Love?" by Rikki Robbins Jones and James J. Bridy
"Why The Rich Get Richer" by George F. Sisson

Book reviews:

A Master Guide to Meditation & Spiritual Growth by Roy Eugene Davis, reviewed by David Evans
Unconditional Money by David Cates, reviewed by Nancy Lee Bell
Living in the Presence of God by John Allan, reviewed by Mary Lee
Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life that is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin, reviewed by Pauline J. Beauregard
The Next Step With Spirit by Charles Sommer, reviewer not identified

Autumn 1995, in addition to monthly features:

"A New Vision for the Third Millennium" by Barbara Marx Hubbard
"How May I Serve?" by Larry Branscum
"The Joy of Service" by Donna Maurice-Winchell
"Taking New Thought 'To the Streets'" by Dore' Jacques Patlian
"Give Hope a Chance" by Kathy Gottberg
"Spiritual Leadership in the New Millennium" by Harry Morgan Moses
"Lessons from the Heart of Jesus" by Mary Beth Olson
"Freedom and God" by Larry Morris
"A Testimonial Pillar" by Joyce Zehnder
"Are We Transforming or Are We Healing?" by Leddy Hammock

Book reviews:

Proof of the Truth: A Spiritual Journey of Dr. Grace Lightfoot Faus (autobiography), reviewed by Dorothy Elder
Enchanted Journey: Adventures in Inner Space by Donald Curtis, reviewed by Catherine Ponder
Brand New Me: The Art of Authentic Living by Herman Aaftink, reviewed by Karen Steinbach
New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality by C. Alan Anderson and Deborah G. Whitehouse, reviewed by Jo Ann Allen

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