New Every Moment

Words and music by Deb Whitehouse
We are new every moment in God's love,
Blending past with our possibility,
For God's initial aim
Meets us at every frame
Of the film that is our life, dependably.

We are new every moment in God's love;
Each occasion of experience is free
To choose what it will
Knowing God loves it still,
In creative advance to novelty.

We are new every moment in God's love,
In God's love we are free to employ
In bursts of energy
The creativity
We occasions of experience enjoy.

We are new every moment in God's love,
The Poet of the Universe, our lure,
Fellow-Sufferer is he;*
He understands what we
As occasions of experience endure.

We are new every moment in God's love,
We enjoy everything--we co-create,
Secure in the thought
That there's no place where God is not,
For God is our Source, and God is great!

*For those who want to avoid the Father metaphor, an alternative wording:
Fellow-Sufferer can see
And understand what we

Deb wrote this song in an attempt to convey the emotional warmth of Whitehead's thought, which can seem so complicated and cerebral. The lyrics are built out of Whiteheadian ideas, and use several famous quotations from Whitehead's writings. She likes to joke about "the famous songwriting team of Whitehouse and Whitehead."

The music for this song can be obtained from Dr. Deb Whitehouse, 2546 Jay's Nest Lane, Holiday, FL 34691. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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