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DAILY WORD always primarily presents daily pages of inspiration, but has at least one poem and article, as well as material to and from Silent Unity, Unity's prayer group.

June 1996

"To Touch Divinity" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"The Miracle-Working Power of Forgiveness" by J. Sig Paulson
"Prayer Works Wonders" by Bernie S. Siegel

May 1996

"A Lighter Touch" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"God Has Something in Mind" by Brenda Vaccaro"

April 1996

"Letting Go" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"Aspiring to Angelic Heights" by Michael York
"Renaissance" (poem) by R. H. Grenville
"Easter Morning" by Elizabeth Searle Lamb

March 1996

"Culmination" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"Works of Art, Signed by God" by Fannie Flagg

February 1996

"Song for a Crocus" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"The Eternal Spirit" by Joan Lauren

January 1996

"New Year's Greeting" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"With Prayer, Every Day Is a New Beginnning!" by Rolonda Watts
"A New Day" (poem) by Elizabeth Searle Lamb

December 1995

"Winter's Faith" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"The Miracle of Commitment" by Wally Amos
"The Greatest Gift" (poem) by Norman V. Olson

November 1995

"Rhythm of Thoughts" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"Declare It Good!" by Richard Bloch
"The Butterfly and the Rose" (poem) by Carolyn Thomas

October 1995

"God's Love" (poem) by James Dillet Freeman
"Rx for Prayer" by Mel Richardson

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