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June 1996

"No Struggling Required" by Arlene Bump
"The Attitude of Gratitude" by Jane Claypool
"No Time or Space" by Don De Mars
"New Thought: A Historical Perspective, Part VI: Evans and Healing" by Arthur Vergara
"The Law of Correspondence" by Ernest Holmes
"You Hold the Secret" by David J. Walker
"Change for the Better" by Karae M. Lisle
"Accepting the Truth" by Tom Costa
"Ancient Echoes of New Thought--Part III: The Word, the Center and a Heritage of Balance" by Deanna Brady
"Unity in Diversity" by Joan Pinkston

May 1996

"Let Yourself Grow" by Arlene Bump
"The Way of Non-Resistance" by Jay Scott Neale
"Becoming Real" by Kumari deSilva
"New Thought: A Historical Perspective, Part V: Warren Felt Evans: and New Thought's First 'Law of Mind in Action'" by Arthur Vergara
"One With God" by Ernest Holmes
"It's Time to Take Care of Business" by David J. Walker
"Blessing the Messenger" by Carole Chouinard
"The Power of Creative Thought" by Tom Costa
"Ancient Echoes of New Thought--Part II: Harmony, Respect and Principle" by Deanna Brady
"Making the World Safe for Diversity" by Kennedy Schultz

April 1996

"The True Resurrection" by Arlene Bump
"From 'Holeness' to 'Wholeness'" by Sandy Jacob
"Surrendering to Love" by Don Moore
"New Thought: A Historical Perspective: Warren Felt Evans: New Thought's First Formulator" by Arthur Vergara
"Spiritual Mind Healing" by Ernest Holmes
"Be Bold in the Truth" by David J. Walker
"Transformation: An Inside Job" by Barbara R. Harrison
"Using the Law for Good" by Tom Costa
"Ancient Echoes of New Thought--Part I: Unity, Prayer and Thanksgiving" by Deanna Brady
"Mind Stretch--A Prerequisite for Growth" by Leo Fishbeck

March 1996

"The Art of Centering" by Arlene Bump
"Moved to Action? March Forth!" by Heather Dawn Clark
"Pieces of the Puzzle" by Jane Westerkamp
"New Thought: A Historical Perspective: Dr. Quimby and Mrs. Eddy" by Arthur Vergara
"Spiritual Treatment" by Ernest Holmes
"Get Beyond Crisis Management" by David J. Walker
"Time To Make a Career Move" by Keith Cox
"Where Do You Really Want to Be?" by Tom Johnson
"Myths and Legends" by Jonathan Young
"I AM Free" by Nancy Anderson

February 1996

"What Would God Say?" by Arlene Bump
"Love - Let It Happen" by Betty Jandl
"Think, And It Becomes So" by Bill Brooks
"New Thought: A Historical Perspective: Quimby On His Own" by Arthur Vergara
"The Way It Works" by Ernest Holmes
"Be True To Yourself" by David J. Walker
"Say It With Flowers" by Adelaide Kleier
"Treat the Cause Rather Than the Effect" by Tom Johnson
"Myths and Legends" by Jonathan Young
"For A Better Here and Now" by Howard Hamilton

January 1996

"The Truth About Mistakes" by Arlene Bump
"Directing the Law of Mind" by Donald Burt
"The Perfect Demonstration" by Joette Waters
"New Thought: A Historical Perspective" "the first of twelve monthly installments from a work in progress by Arthur Vergara, editor, DeVorss & Co., and New Thought scholar"
"A Pattern for Change" by Ernest Holmes
"Letters From God" by David J. Walker
"Tithing to the Government?" by Mona Dawn Edwards
"Work Only On Yourself" by Tom Johnson
"Myths and Legends" by Jonathan Young
"Owning Original Art" by Linda Ingram

December 1995

"I Was Told To Live" by Arleen Bump
"The Completeness Of The Self" by Tom Johnson
"Healing With Spiritual Mind Treatment" by Rick Roemmick
"Reform Your God Thought" by Charles Fillmore
"Isaiah: He Saw It Coming" by Kennedy Schultz
"Nobody Said It Was Easy" by Candice Becket
"God's Good Is All There Is" by Chris Michaels
"Making A List" by Carol Carnes

November 1995

"Experience Your Greatness" by Arleen Bump
"Love Heals" by Tom Costa
"Every Dog Has Her Day" by Judy Beiter
"Discovering Yourself" by Willis Kinnear
"Jonah: His End Was Hard To Bear" by Kennedy Shultz
"Conscious Living Is Easy" by Heather Clark
"Overcome Doubt And Error" by Chris Michaels
"Aim Higher" by Carol Carnes

October 1995

"Who's Behind That Mask?" by Arleen Bump
"Sing A New Song" by Mitch Johnson
"I Sing My Song" by Robert Bitzer
"Sustaining Your Good" by Robert Bitzer
"Jonah: His Tale Is Hard To Swallow" by Kennedy Shultz
"The Thought And Feeling Of God" by Jim Turrell
"Overcome Doubt And Error" by Sandy Jacob
"Connection" by Carol Carnes

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