New Thought Books

Brand New Me: The Art of Authentic Living by Herman J. Aaftink: a book to change your life forever.

Divine Revelation by Susan G. Shumsky: a book showing you how to discover and use your intuitive abilities.

It's So Easy When You Know How by Harry Morgan Moses: a book about long-term happiness, understanding ourselves, and becoming comfortable in our body, on this planet, in our universe.

My Priceless Prayerbook, New Thought Edition, by Steve Viglioni: A book to help start children on a lifelong path of prayer.

New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality: a book review and table of contents of the book, by Alan Anderson and Deb Whitehouse, that provides the most recent introduction to the whole movement.

Thought: The Greatest Power of All by Hector Amezquita

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