2002 International New Thought Alliance
87th Annual Congress

Sun, July 21, 2002-Fri., July 26, 2002
Clarion Hotel James Madison See also here
Norfolk, Virginia, with a great many attractions
Not very far from Virginia Beach, location of Edgar Cayce's A. R. E. headquarters

For complete information on the Congress, contact

International New Thought Alliance
5003 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 830-2461
FAX (480) 830-2561

The full schedule will be posted here when available, probably in April.

Speakers to include Mary Tumpkin, Joyce Kramer, Larry and Mary Ellen Swartz, Leddy Hammock, Cynthia Lippert, Arthur Chang, Hyatt Carter, Sallye Taylor, Roy Eugene Davis, Anne Kunath, William Spence, Kathleen A. Bishop, Charles Throckmorton, Deb Whitehouse, Leona Lawson, Justin Epstein, Alan Anderson, Brad Jensen, LaFayette Seymour, Dieter Randolph, Robert Winterhalter, Joann Jorgenson, Richard Bilings, Greg W. Neteler, and Tian of Siam

Information now available:

Monday afternoon: Rethinking New Thought (2:45-3:45), on contrasting meanings of process

Thursday afternoon: SSMR (2:15-5:15) session on Quimby, in honor of his bicentennial

Thursday evening: Banquet

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